White Granite Basins

White Granite Basins

There is no other color that can spell “class” better than white. So installing white granite basins in your home is one way to achieve that classy look.

White granite basins give your kitchen or bathroom a clean and timeless appearance. The good thing about choosing a white granite basin is that it is looks very tidy and goes well with many styles of kitchen or bathroom décor. Depending on your style preference, white basins can give your kitchen or bath area a modern look as well as a bright and cheerful environment. Take note though that you cannot find pure white granite basins in the market due to the chemical compositions and striations involved. However, the closest to white granite basin commercially available these days comes in a slightly distorted color of white base with black and gray combinations. Another variation is also available in ivory color. White granite originates from Brazil, Italy and China.

Top Rated White Granite Basins in the U.S.

Here are the top brands of white granite basins sold in the U.S.

  • Franke USA
    Franke offers single and double bowl granite basins in three colors, including white. A single bowl white kitchen basin costs around $388 to $450, while a double bowl is priced around $373 to $486.

  • Moen
    Moen has timeless designs and styles in their line of granite basins. They have white granite bar sinks that cost around $110 to $277 each, while its double bowl sink ranges from $250 to $400.

  • Blanco USA
    Blanco has a lot to recommend in terms of white granite basins, whether you are looking for single, double or bar sinks. It has two lines of granite sinks, namely, Blanco Diamond and Blanco Sigranit. The price for Blanco Sigranit white single bowl sink runs from $284 up to $550, while their double bowl is around $281 to $490. On the other hand, Blanco Diamond double bowl costs around $304 to $406, while Blanco’s bar sink costs between $96 and $321.

  • Astracast
    Another premier brand of granite sink, Astracast has single, double and bar sinks. Their single bowl white granite sink runs from $169 up to $269, while their double bowl sink costs from $282 to $367. Meanwhile, Astracast bar sink is around $169 to $234.

  • Pegasus
    Pegasus is among the top-ranking granite brands in the U.S. and offers single and double white granite sinks. Their single bowl sink costs around $262, while their double bowl sink runs from $271 to $344. On the other hand, Pegasus has large single bowl white granite basins that cost between $271 and $344.

How to Care for White Granite Basins

Because it is white, dirt can easily be noticed. Rightly then, keeping it spotless means cleaning it more often. You need to be extra careful when cleaning your white granite basins because they are sensitive. Use mild cleaning products only to prevent etch on the surface. Also, wipe all spills right away because these can stain your white granite basin.

Observe proper care and cleaning in order to keep your white granite basins in top form.


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