Santa Cecilia Granite Basins

Santa Cecilia Granite Basins

Santa Cecilia granite basins add a rustic touch to your kitchen space. Santa Cecilia granite has been widely used both in exterior and interior designs, in kitchen and bathroom countertops, as well as fireplaces. Installing Santa Cecilia granite basins and kitchen countertops creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. It also gives your kitchen a classy feel that works well with white kitchen cabinetry. This type of granite basin is a nice addition to your bathroom as well.

Santa Cecilia granite is quarried from Brazil and exhibit a medium tan color freckled with deep black, orangey browns and traces of gray creating a bubbly and busy effect.  It is no wonder why Santa Cecilia granite basins have become increasingly popular these days.

Finding the Right Santa Cecilia Granite Basin

You will surely be overwhelmed by the variety of Santa Cecilia granite basins in the market. Finding the right basin is very important because granite basins are typically expensive. That is why you need to make sure that you get the right one. To be able to choose the most suitable granite basin, you must know your specific needs. This involves considering your kitchen space, intended use of the sink, mounting style and plumbing fixtures. The right sink should meet your requirements and budget.

Where to Get Santa Cecilia Granite Basin in the U.S.

You can obtain Santa Cecilia granite basins in several ways.

  • Online
    Check out online stores that sell granite sinks. Most of them specialize in home improvement products like basins and plumbing fixtures. Some of them also have physical stores which allow you to see the product before you actually buy it. Some of your best bets are The Tile Shop (1-888-398-6595), The Stone Sinks Store (1-877-823-9088), Wholesale Stone Sinks (1-866-540-SINK), Rico Stone (1-778-865-6603), and Sunshine Stone Inc. ((727)-242-6881).

  • Stone Carvers/Artisans
    If you want to set up an extremely unique basin for your kitchen, then you may choose to have it commissioned by stone carvers and artisans. Visit the nearest stone carvers or artisans in your place.

  • Home Builders and Designers
    If you’re hiring the expertise of interior designers or home builders when remodeling or designing your home, then they can help you find Santa Cecilia granite basins.

Caring for your Santa Cecilia Granite Basins

Granite is absolutely durable, but you cannot just use any kind of conventional cleaning agents to clean it. Remember that granite is sensitive to harsh and abrasive cleaning agents. Not only that, you should also be careful with the type of cleaning tools you use. Therefore, keeping the granite basin beautiful and luxurious requires conscientious maintenance.

  • Use mild soap and soft sponge when cleaning the basin. Focus on the areas below the faucet and around the drain because water minerals and dirt build up in these spaces.
  • In removing tough spots or stains, use a low-abrasive cleaner.
  • After cleaning off the soapy deposits, finish the cleaning procedure by wiping your granite sink with a soft, dry cloth.

With the proper care, Santa Cecilia granite basins can lend a rustic elegance to your home for many years to come.



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