Chinese Granite Basins

Chinese Granite Basins

You have decided to install a granite basin in your kitchen, and yet, you aren’t certain which type of granite to use for your basin. Why not consider Chinese granite basins?

Chinese granite basins are basins made from granite rocks quarried from China. While you may be discouraged to buy merchandise coming from China, you shouldn’t feel the same way about their granite. China has approximately 90 different types of granite rocks with volume reaching over 50 million cubic meters. Chinese granite is not inferior in comparison to its counterparts from other parts of the world. It even exhibits better parameters than its competitors because it is more durable, has lower water absorption percentage and lesser attrition rate. Chinese granite is generally cheaper but of high quality. The Great Wall of China is a living proof of this fact because some of its portions are made of granite. Investing in Chinese granite basins is all worth it.

Different Colors of Chinese Granite Basins

Aside from being durable, Chinese granite basins come in a wide variety of colors. So you can be assured that you will find the color that perfectly suits your existing kitchen décor.

  • Big White Flower Granite
    White granite from China has specks of charcoal gray and white. The Big White Flower granite works well with silvery or stainless steel appliances creating a lustrous, modern look.

  • Green Pearl Granite
    Green granite from China can be pale jade or forest green and often has flecks of mica. The flecks of mica reflect light which draws the attention onto the shade variations and coarse grain. When Chinese green granite basin and countertop are paired with white kitchen cabinetry, the result is an airy atmosphere. Paler greens blend well with interior accents and darker wood cabinetry.

  • Chili Red Granite
    Contrary to its name, the Chinese chili red granite is actually in a pale, warm shade. It may also come in the form of reddish brown, pink beige or pale peachy hue. The Chili red granite gives a beautiful, romantic appearance and is well appreciated due to its affordability and durability.

  • Shanxi Black
    This color is widely used in vanities, countertops and bars. Chinese Shanxi Black granite is one of dense quality.

  • Yellow Granite
    Yellow granite contains some flecks of brown or black and closely resembles beige granite. Chinese yellow granite is popular in the United States because it easily works with almost all color schemes.

  • Beige Granite
    This particular Chinese granite color is quite popular due to its texture and color varieties in shades of beige, gold and brown. Chinese beige granite offers versatility with its neutral shades, making it a perfect choice if you want an old-world atmosphere in your kitchen area.

Sources of Chinese Granite Basins in the U.S.

You can find Chinese granite basins in local home improvement stores, showrooms as well as tile or granite shops. Custom-made basins can also be acquired from artisans and stone carvers shops.
Chinese granite basins and countertops give your kitchen and bathroom space a classy look that lasts for a lifetime.


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