Grey Granite Basins

Grey Granite Basins

You should go for granite kitchen sinks if you are looking for stylish, durable and easy to maintain kitchen basins. Of these, grey granite basins are more popular than other types of granite basins sold in the market these days.

Grey granite basins work well with white kitchen cabinetry since grey has a neutral effect giving a soothingly elegant look to your kitchen area. These granite basins come in a number of color variations of white, pinks, blues and blacks, in light to dark shadings. The popular variations of grey granite include Moonlight Gray, Coral Gray, St. Cloud Gray, Sierra White and Barre Gray. Grey granite rock originates from Elberton, Georgia and is widely used in tombstones, bronze memorial bases and countertops.

Choosing the Right Grey Granite Basin

There is a myriad of choices for grey granite basins in the market. Because of this, shopping for grey granite basins can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for. To help you choose the right grey granite basin for your kitchen or bathroom space, consider the following things:

  • Decide on the size of the sink
    Are you only using the sink for general preparation of food? Then, shallow sinks might work for you. But if you use the sink in defrosting large stuff, then you need deep sinks. Always remember that granite sinks are heavy, therefore, requiring additional support.

  • Determine the number of sinks you need
    The number of bowls or sinks that you need should depend on your kitchen space and kitchen activities. Single bowls will work in smaller kitchens, while double bowls work best when there are several activities happening in your kitchen at one time.

  • Decide on the mounting style
    There are topmount, undermount and self-rimming sinks to choose from. You also need to figure out if your choice of basin and mounting style is compatible with your plumbing fixtures.

Shopping for Grey Granite Basins in the U.S.

There are lots of prefabricated grey granite basins sold in the market. In case you don’t find the right basin for your needs, you can opt for custom-made sinks.

  • Simon-G Farmhouse Apron Sink
    This is available as single bowl undermount sink with prices starting at $999 to $1790.

  • Frita-G Vessel Sink
    Available in oval shape, this basin costs anywhere between $374 and $399.

  • Athena-G Farmhouse Sink
    This is a single bowl sink offered from $970 to $1,099.

  • Sabrina-G Farmhouse Sink
    A double bowl grey granite sink, Sabrina-G farmhouse costs around $999 to $1,790.

  • Taranis-G Vessel Sink
    A self-rimming sink, Taranis-G grey granite sink is offered from $688 to $700.

  • Coventina-CG Vessel Sink
    This is a round speckled grey granite basin that costs between $399 and $438.

  • Maya Vessel Sink
    Maya vessel sink is a square vessel offered from $499 to $588.

Grey granite basins also look good in the bathroom area. In case you want them in your bathroom, determine your available space and plumbing fixtures and you will find the right basin for your bathroom.


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