Natural Granite Basins

Natural Granite Basins

In today’s world, natural stone basins are quite popular and once you get a chance to look at these basins, you will see that they are not just random products but reflect uniqueness and warmth in their own way and the natural stone basins gives a complete new look to your home which you will always remember.

Different types of stones are made in the manufacturing of the sinks and each one differs from the other in terms of its look, strength and appearance and the most popular basins that are made of natural stones include:

  • Natural granite basins
  • Marble basins
  • Travertine basins
  • Onyx basins

Natural granite basins are simply beautiful!

The natural granite basins are the most popular basins these days making them ideal for bathrooms because granite is the least porous natural stone and the density of natural granite basins is higher as compared to limestone and marble counterparts. This feature makes them heavier but less susceptible to staining and you will see the beauty of natural materials as you install natural granite basins in your bathrooms. The natural granite basins are readily available and are highly preferred in their natural color.

Buying natural granite basins for your home

When you plan to buy natural granite basins for your home, be prepared to see sky high prices as compared to composed granite basins, the natural granite basins are heavy and costly at the same time. These sinks are carved from granite rocks and the stones are brought from stone mines and a professional stone designer carves them according to the designs. It is quite hard to find the natural granite basins in the market mainly because of high demand and low productivity. Depending upon the size of the basins, the price of natural granite basins usually starts from $600 and goes up to $6000 and on average, people prefer to buy the basins within the price range of $1000 to $2500.

Things to consider when buying natural granite basins

The natural granite basins are more like an investment since they cost more than the conventional basins, therefore one has to be extra cautious when buying them from the market. It is important to see all the pros and cons of these basins before you make a payment like for example, these basins are quite heavy and need a support under them and if you are planning to hire a contractor, make sure he knows what is needed to support these basins.

There are some natural granite basins that have flat bottoms but because of the flat base, the water flow is affected and since there is a high chance of water remaining in the basin due to lack of sufficient slope, you should be mentally prepared for regular maintenance of these basins.
Granite is a porous stone and it has to be sealed properly in order to protect it from moisture and staining but although natural granite basins are properly sealed when you buy them, you have to reseal them after some time and if you find this quite difficult, then there is no need to buy natural granite basins.



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