Granite Basin Alternative

Granite Basin Alternative

It is now possible to acquire a granite basin alternative in the stores in order to make a difference. Granite countertops for instance, have been in the market for long as anyone can recall seeing them fitted in the bathroom and kitchen and it comes a time when you really yearn to have something that is more durable or even something that is stunning and adds value to the space around you. You may also be facing a problem with the granite product hence calling for a granite basin alternative and there are gorgeous alternatives to granite stone which are still affordable and can make your kitchen or bathroom have that elegant look that you have been longing for.

Marble: A great granite basin alternative

Marble is lighter as compared to granite and so its price reduces tremendously but granite is a great choice for class and hence the cost. The cutting and shipping costs for marble reduces considerably due to the fact that it is manufactured in bulk and maintenance of marble is easier as one would only need to use a damp cloth to wipe the surface and it is also easy to remove stains using clear ammonia. There is a warning that objects should not be placed on the marble’s surface as it scratches easily.

Soapstone: An alternative to the granite basin

A granite basin alternative is unfolded with soapstone as this material is resistant to both heat and stain and its installation in the kitchen can make a great difference.  The soapstone countertops have deep and rich color options which give out the earthy feelings however, soapstone can scratch easily calling for the need to sand it and it also requires high maintenance by wiping it with mineral oil at least once per week. 

The advantages of granite basin

This product is durable and this is one of the reasons why it is costly and it also has a rare color that adds elegance and value to your bathroom and lastly, it is very strong and can last long without calling for maintenance as major maintenance can be done once in a year

Possible problems with granite basin products

  • Acidic liquids damage the surface: Although it is durable and very strong, when acidic liquids spill on the granite basin’s surface, they etch or even make the surface look dull. Orange juice, wine, lemon juice, vinegar and soft drinks, just to mention a few, are possible acidic liquids that can quickly change the good looks of the basin’s surface. Since these items are used on daily basis when it comes to cooking, they happen to be spilled regularly on the granite basin’s surfaces.
  • Expensive: Granite basins and countertops are perhaps the most products available today and installation of the granite countertop is costly as it requires very new cabinetry during the kitchen’s makeover. The process of selecting, matching, cutting, polishing, sealing and installing, is in itself expensive and again, the granite’s maintenance can prove to be expensive as this has to be done yearly and requires removal of the entire slab to replace a sink.  




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