Japanese Garden Granite Basins

Japanese Garden Granite Basins

There is nothing more precious than using décor accessories such as Japanese garden granite basins to give your outdoor garden, patio or even waterway an elegant look. The Japanese garden granite basins are great enhancements for making your outdoor have the paradise’ look and these garden granite basins do provide such stunning effects be it during occasions such as parties or just placed gorgeously for permanent display in your garden. Most garden granite basins price range between $219 and $600, making them affordable for all people.

Setting up the Japanese garden granite basins

Bringing out a Japanese accent in your gardens design is no longer a difficult task as a fountain is enough to add the fresh touch to your décor. A simple fountain would probably be the cleansing fountain meant for purifying visitors before entering a temple or for traditional tea parties and below are the different styles for setting up a garden granite basin.

  • Japanese garden overflowing basin

This is a traditional set up for a water basin where it is set to allow water to run only over the front of such a basin and into a hidden reservoir. You are not supposed to drill a hole since water will simply overflow from the basin’s top into the reservoir so you need to have a granite basin without a hole, bricks, gravel, bamboo fountain with a pump and a liner that is forty milliliters in size.

  • Self contained basin

This is a larger garden basin which has no external water reservoir. What happens is that water will be re-circulated by the pump directly from such a basin to the spout of the fountain and this setup requires a drilled basin but the basin will need to be topped off to avoid evaporation. Sometimes a basin with a reservoir is possible to be setup in a self contained style where water will not overflow outside the fountain’s basin but it will have a reservoir. This set up is great as it holds larger amounts of water than the previous set up and it does not need to be topped off that often.

Features of Japanese garden granite basins

Apparently, fountains are considered as Japanese garden gifts and can be purchased both online and from garden stores and they come in a variety of sizes hence a wide range to choose from. There are small and shorter granite basins which can cause you to crouch down in order to wash or drink water and range from 20 kilograms to 70 kilograms in weight. These are 140 millimeters by 300 millimeters up to 220milimeters by 450 millimeters in diameter and larger garden granite basins have carvings on each side and weigh about 200 kilograms. They are 450milimeters x 450 millimeters x 500 millimeters in height.

Turning unused space of land into use

It is a wonderful idea if you consider making your unused space of land to have the looks of the Japanese garden granite basins and this does not only look elegant and eye-catching but it brings out a great feeling as you take tea with your visitors and the space of the land is also turned into something useful.




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