Indian Granite Basins

Indian Granite Basins

Indian granite basins are an excellent natural alternative of wash basins compared to ceramic made basins. These uniquely carved granite basins are often made from natural cool colors that make an individual’s bathroom or shower room appear naturally beautiful plus they also have simple designs that make them modern and very attractive.

The Indian granite basins can be crafted into different shapes such as; rectangular, heart shape, oval, bowl shape and many other shapes because they are made from natural materials. Also, the basins can be completed according to an individual’s personal preference, that is, it can either have a rustic finish, carve finish or it can be smoothly polished and another advantage of the Indian granite basins is that they can be custom made to fit a person’s own preference in terms of design and size.

How to clean Indian granite basins

Indian granite basins have proved over time to be durable and also stain resistant but just like any other surface they need to be maintained and kept clean. When the granite basins are kept clean daily, it will prevent the daily build up of mineral scales on the wash basin.

Therefore a person can take care of their granite basins by using special detergents and following the given steps while cleaning Indian granite basins:

  • The first step is to put a non-abrasive washing material such as a cloth or a sponge into the granite basin and then remove the extra water by squeezing out the sponge until the basin is wet enough. Abrasive materials should not be used because it will scratch the surfaces of the granite basin and it will end up looking dull and unattractive.
  • Step 2 is to add the washing detergent onto the washing sponge or cloth and make some lather by squeezing the washing material.
  • The third step is to thoroughly wipe the granite basin and to concentrate more on areas that accumulate dirt such as areas surrounding the drain.
  • Fourth step is to thoroughly rinse the granite basin with clean water and make sure to wipe away the entire soap residue.
  • The final step is to ensure that the granite basin appears shiny and appealing to the eye and if the surface does not appear shiny it means that the basin is still covered with soapy water.

How to choose the right Indian granite basins

First, an individual should set a price range that he or she can easily work with before settling on the right Indian granite basin to purchase. After settling on the price, the next step is to decide on the color of the basin and that the color to be chosen should blend well with other items available in the room where the Indian granite basin will be placed. The advantage of purchasing a granite basin is that it can be custom made to suit each individual’s own taste.

Indian granite basin colors available

The Indian granite basins can be found in different colors and it is advisable to choose a color that best suits your taste and also matches the interior designs of the area you intend to place the granite basin. The colors available include; black galaxy, tan brown, paradise, Indian red, spun silk and more other colors.



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