S&K Granite Basins

Nowadays, bathroom basins have evolved into a form of creative artwork and design and gone are the days when bathroom bowls or basins could only be differentiated by their hue. Today, you find them in numerous material makes; for instance granite that are used to make basins like no other in the market. Generally speaking, granite is known for its shiny appearance, versatile and durability capabilities and it makes a great addition to any bathroom, whether in the form of a basin, sink, bath vanity top, floor, wall medallion and so forth, as such, add granite to the list of materials for your bathroom renovation.

Why choose S & K granite basins for your bathroom?

Not only is granite used in the installation of countertops, but also for bathroom basins creation which among them is typically, the quartz stone which is a compound of granite stone used for creation of top notch counter tops and  is mixed with several other materials (resin or an epoxy) to form  what is known as the granite powder. The finished bathroom basins are eighty percent granite, making them quite hard to break.

The adaptability of granite compound makes it a good material to work with and enables a variety of basin shapes to be created and a well-liked model of granite basins is the deep under-mount basin which is designed with some extra depth.

Double modeled and one-basin granite basins

Apart from the normal granite basins that you know, there are the double basin alternatives and each basin or bowl varies in depth, but can also be equal. One basin may be larger or have an elongated shape and the other one has smaller dimensions but most of these dual modeled granite basins have polished sides which can be curved for an elegant finish.

One-basin type of granite basins is quite popular with many modern day homeowners today and these types of S & K granite basins come in varied shapes and styles to help you choose the right one for your particular type of bathroom.  The one-basin model is designed in such a way that the front-side is fully exposed for ease of operation.

Merits of installing S & K granite basins into your bathroom

Advantages of granite made basins in a summary

  • Durable and versatile
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Attractive and enhances a room’s beauty
  • Does not hold moisture


S & K granite basins come in various shapes, styles, prices and sizes and due to their shiny natural appearance and elegancy, they are very eye-catching. There are several innovative ways of installing them as well for instance, they can be installed in such a way as to form a unit that come complete with a storage facility as well and some people prefer the old pedestal look which is more appropriate for congested space. All in all, granite basins provide a natural gleam to the place they are installed in and apart from this, they bring a feel of serenity and peace to your bathroom, also granite adds a designer’s touch to a bathroom it is installed in.





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