Exquisite Supplies Granite Basins

Installing Exquisite Supplies granite basins require a lot of expertise but apart from this, these types of basins cost more than other standard bathroom material. However, by opting to install Exquisite Supplies granite basins into your bathroom, you have simply made the right decision because granite basins lend an aesthetic feel and an elegant appeal to a bathroom they are installed in.

Merits of installing granite basins in a bathroom

There are numerous benefits associated with installing Exquisite Supplies granite basins into your bathroom and these include:

  • Granite is quite durable and a versatile material to work with.
  • These types of basins are moisture resistant.
  • Granite is quite appealing to look at and is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Besides coming in a variety of colors, granite basins greatly enhances the room’s décor.

Steps involved in Exquisite Supplies granite basins installation

  • Choosing the appropriate granite basin: Before installing Exquisite Supplies granite basins into your bathroom, you need to make an appropriate choice and this is because they come in varied designs, colors and texture. Your final choice of a granite basin should be based on the interior design of the bathroom, or in simple terms, the décor as mismatched granite basins will ruin the attractiveness of the bathroom.
  • Pre-installation preparations: You need to prepare the bathroom for the coming installation but what should you do?  First of all, remove the existing basin from the bathroom before installing a new granite one and also remove any attachments beforehand which means that the area where you want to install the new Exquisite Supplies basin should be clear of all things or hindrances.
  • Designing: After completing the pre-installation step, select the design you want the experts to mould the granite into and this is especially important if you want to have a customized granite basin to be installed in your bathroom
  • Measurements: The expert you hired will come over to your home to measure the space and determine the type of granite installation required and with all the measurements in hand, you will be given a rough estimate as to how much the installation will cost.
  • Support creation: Prior to the installation of the granite basin, the installation area needs to be made strong with the help of appropriate metal rods, or other types of supporting materials because a weak supporting system can’t be able to handle the granite basin weight, as it is quite heavy.
  • Actual installation: The actual designing of the wanted granite basin can be done either at your home or in a factory, the choice is normally yours as after the granite has been designed into the required shape, the expert then installs it at the designated area and glue into place.
  • Sealing step: After completing the installation, it is important to keep the basin safe and shiny as ever and this is what the sealing process is all about and it is advisable to repeat the sealing process after every 6 months so as to keep granite as glossy and shiny as ever.


As much as the granite is hard, it is also heavy and has to be installed on a strong type of supporting system and Exquisite Supply granite basins are available either in a standard form or customized according a client’s unique wishes or requirements.




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