Decoressa Granite Basins

Decoressa granite basins are a contemporary version of the standard olden day basins and the only difference is that in the olden days, people used the basins close to a source of water or next to a jug of water where you would wash and rinse with the same water before finally emptying it when you are done. Currently, water basins are plumped with such things as a draining system so that you don’t need to empty them the same ways you used to do with a standard wash basin and in fact, all you have to do is open a valve and the used water is conveniently drained into the drainage system.

Why Decoressa granite basins?

Decoressa granite basins come in numerous shapes, designs, prices and style- the choice is really up to the buyers. Moreover, these types of basins are quite versatile and durable and on top of them being practical, they are quite elegant to look at. Nowadays, they have become really popular with a majority of homeowners who want to have unique designed bathrooms as an addition and granite basins have become a most sought after remodeling material for the bathroom, both in conventional and modern homes.

Decoressa granite basin shapes and styles

There are varied shapes and styles to choose from when it comes to purchasing the right Decoressa granite basins. Analyzed below are some shapes and styles to choose from.

  • Squared granite basin: This type of a shape is most suitable when installed in smaller counter spaces as they can be installed with a part of them being hidden underneath a counter for space saving purposes.
  • Triangle shaped Decoressa granite basins:  Despite triangular shaped granite basins not being popular like other shapes, they are a good choice for a modern bathroom.
  • Oval or Round shapes: This is probably the most common type of a shape for granite basins. Even the old types of basins used to be round shaped and according to some people, it makes the washing of the face much easier compared to others which are shaped differently.
  • Oblong or rectangular shaped Decoressa granite basins:  If you have only one bathroom and which is shared by everybody, an oblong or rectangular shaped Decoressa granite basin is recommended by the experts.  Actually, two people or kids can comfortably wash their hands or brush their teeth on these elongated rectangular shaped granite basin.
  • Tapered or shell shaped Decoressa granite basins:  These are popular in children’s bathrooms and add charm and beauty to the said bathrooms.

Choosing the right Decoressa granite basin for your bathroom

As shown above, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to a choice of a Decoressa granite basin to suit your bathroom and if you want something unique and eye-catching, then have it custom made. Actually, there are a lot of artists that can help you design and model for your unique type of a granite basin but bear in mind as in any other custom-made piece, the initial cost may be slightly higher compared to standard pieces. But whatever your budget, there are numerous alternative to choose from.




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